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Account Verification (First Time Login)

Account Verification (First Time Login)

by Exam Admin -
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Steps to Verify Your Exam Account (for first time user):

1. Go to login page, https://exam.unimas.my/login/index.php

2. Login with UNIMAS ID via UNIMAS Identity

3. Link or Activate your account via link provided in email by Exam Admin in your UNIMAS email. 

http://office365.unimas.my (Microsoft Outlook)


Staff: staffid@unimas.my

Student: matric no.@siswa.unimas.my

Please refer to the attachment for more information.

Thank you.

Note: This is a one-time security procedure.

Once your account is verified, you will be able to:

1. View the eLEAP Exam Dashboard.
2. Access the exam course page.
3. Sit for an examination.

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