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This Account is Pending Confirmation Upon Login Error Message

This Account is Pending Confirmation Upon Login Error Message

by Exam Admin -
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Please ignore this message if you have successfully logged into eLEAP EXAM (Access the dashboard).

If you received the 'This account is pending email confirmation.' message, do no fret. Email eleap@unimas.my with your details:

Subject: eLEAP EXAM account is pending email confirmation


Full name:

Matric No.:

UNIMAS email address:

Once the activation link has been reset, log in with different browser from the one you are using in previous attempt. 

If you are using the same browser, please clear it's cache.

Then follow the following steps (in one go):

  1. Please log in to UNIMAS ID via UNIMAS Identity once again. > https://exam.unimas.my/login/index.php
  1. Check your official UNIMAS email (79744@siswa.unimas.my)  at Microsoft Outlook (office365.unimas.my) and verify your account within 30 minutes upon registration. Please make sure you are referring to the latest email from EXAM ADMIN.
  1. Copy and paste the link given in the email into your web browser (different tab). Please do not click the link. 
  2. If you received ‘Required parameter is missing’ error, click continue. Go to the Dashboard to view/access the courses you are enrolled in.

Video Guide -- > 

User Guides for Students --> https://is.gd/examgfs

Thank you. All the best!